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Practical Tips and Practical Guidance Leads to Efficient Process

A software company requested that The Practical Solutions Group, LLC review and comment on the company’s policies and procedures, client audit observations and its software lifecycle development process.

The high-level review pointed to the fact that the process, along with its supporting procedures, was convoluted and quite complex. As a result, it was very difficult for the company to comply with all the current documentation requirements. A further assessment indicated that the chaotic documentation status was, in part, created by the company agreeing to all auditors’ observations, regardless of their appropriateness. The other part of the problem was that the individual in charge of the Quality Assurance department did not have hands-on compliance experience and, instead, applied his academic knowledge to setting up the quality infrastructure for the company.

In less than a week, we recommended specific and practical tips for eliminating the unnecessary procedures and their supporting documentation, provided practical guidance on the hosting of the client audits and simplified the software lifecycle development process to the “effective and efficient bare bones.” Practical advice is what we give. Sincere appreciation from our clients is what we get.