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Out of the Clouds

What does a company do when it wants to extend its business offering to life science companies? The company reaches out to The Practical Solutions Group, LLC for assistance. We’ve recently mentored several “cloud computing” companies to help fine-tune their existing operations and documentation in order for these companies to meet FDA’s regulations and expectations of their life science clients and/or to gain more business with their existing clients.

While the objective was the same each time (i.e., expanding the companies’ offering), our approach to meet the objective was different every time and driven by the company’s size, timelines and culture. In some cases, it took just a couple of days to provide a company with a gap analysis and enhanced compliance road map. In some cases, it was a matter of weeks. The common denominator was our in-depth understanding of company’s operations, technology and how much (if any) of the regulatory requirements are currently met, and a practical melding of these areas into workable recommendations.

However we got there, our clients were consistently successful at gaining new clients and/or expanding services to existing clients without spending any more time, resources or effort than they needed to. As a result, the forecast of the “cloud computing” companies for expanding life sciences-related activities was no longer cloudy … and we were on cloud 9.