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A Practical Road Map: Zero to 60 in Four Days

A global consulting firm contacted The Practical Solutions Group, LLC to assist with developing an approach for examining risk assessment and management in the life science industry.

We assembled a group of subject matter experts and proposed 1) assessing the lifecycle of life science product development from discovery through post-marketing, 2) identifying points in the process that are susceptible to risk (both immediate and delayed consequences) and 3) crafting a survey that would involve both education and eliciting information regarding the current state of risk identification, assessment, and management.

The survey content was intended to 1) capture operational, financial and regulatory risks across the spectrum of product development and 2) gather information on projected company costs and necessary funding for implementing and maintaining viable and sustainable risk management activities.

From initial phone call to assembling a team of subject matter experts to a practical road map – zero to 60 – in four days. It may seem to be practically impossible, but we did it!