Two Partners. Two Practical Principles. One Powerful Approach.
The Practical Solutions Group, LLC
152 Witherspoon St.
Princeton, NJ 08542
P: 609.683.0756
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Practical Is Professional, Personal.

Our own professional relationship is based on years of mutual respect, professional achievement and personal trust. We are looking to establish the same relationship with you. To help us accomplish this, we adhere to the following criteria:

  1. We take ownership of every task by either performing it ourselves or by overseeing the process.
  2. We apply a wide range of experiences to any strategy/project, identify the necessary information and resources for the process and then build on them.
  3. We avoid delays and increased costs that result from inefficiencies, duplication of effort or sub-par deliverables, which are often the result of not understanding the business needs and/or operations.
  4. We are productive and work closely with your staff to provide them with the insights and skills that will enable them to operate more efficiently.
  5. We identify not only the regulatory compliance/quality risks, but also the operational risks dealing with the processes, technology, human resources, timelines, budgets, etc.
  6. We use common sense in all of the above, which allows us to provide suggestions for your regulatory compliance/quality issues which are workable and make sense for your operations.