Two Partners. Two Practical Principles. One Powerful Approach.
The Practical Solutions Group, LLC
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Our single-minded focus of helping you to achieve and maintain efficient and compliant operations is based on two simple, powerful principles.

Every impediment to your success represents a business problem to be overcome.
Understanding the heartbeat of your operations, the DNA of your culture and risks that you face are our building blocks. By regarding a regulatory compliance/quality issue not as the end in itself but as a symptom of a larger operational issue, we are more quickly and effectively able to identify and rectify risks and in more areas than just regulatory compliance. Our “business prism” approach ensures permanent, effective and efficient problem resolution, which allows us to help you simplify regulatory compliance/quality-related tasks.

Experience and expertise are a price of entry. Add our insight and intuition and great things happen.
Your company’s success depends on your own staff and your outsource partners. Merely following the procedures, documenting everything in accordance with applicable regulations, technical wizardry, expertise and years of experience alone are not enough to operate in a practical manner. “Experience only,” without a dash of plain old common sense, individual vision, intuition, creativity, intelligence and an unwavering commitment to excellence, will be too costly because of resultant operational inefficiencies.  And these are the types of things we bring to the table.

It’s out of these two powerful principles that The Practical Solutions Group, LLC was born. You’ll find that our disciplined and focused business approach to the regulatory compliance/quality issues, combined with our fierce personal passion, professionalism and creativity in solving problems, separate us from other consultancies and will prove beneficial to your company.